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Wrought Iron Window Boxes (2011-03-14 00:09:59)

Flower Window Boxes is mostly known for their no rot, cellular PVC window boxes which look like wood. Their new line of???? wrought iron window boxes, unlike the typical wrought iron hayrack window boxes that are more commonplace, will feature a more ornate look. They will also have their own PVC liner inserts for better soil and water retention and will be available in a wider range of sizes to fit any window length.
"There is a need for custom length window boxes made from wrought iron," says Matt Buquoi, owner of Flower Window Boxes. "Many of our clients with historical homes and homes covered in wrought iron come to us looking for something more custom and more ornate than was is typically seen on the market. " A hayrack planter using a coco fiber liner can dry out quickly and require watering every 1-2 days. These window boxes will be available with cellular PVC liners and aluminum liners which will feature a self watering reservoir in them. The watering reservoirs can hold up to three times more water than the liners alone can and compared to the hayracks they can perform four to five times better at preventing the soil from drying out. "Many of our customers have reduced their watering frequencies for their window boxes to just once a week," says Matt Buquoi.
The wrought iron window boxes will be available in all sizes, including custom lengths up to 108" length and will be made in their Cumming, GA manufacturing facility. They will be available nationwide through their website anywhere within the continental U.S. Custom PVC and aluminum liner inserts will also be available to fit inside with the optional self watering reservoir feature.

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