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F.A.Q.: Frequently Asked Question about wrought iron and LuyiForge
Q1: What is wrought iron?
A1: The word “wrought” comes from the verb “work”, wrought iron means “worked iron” or in another word “forged iron”. Historically wrought iron has been worked by blacksmiths, using traditional techniques like hammers and anvils to make high end 'Decorative Wrought Ironwork'.
Q2: What is cast iron?
A2: Cast iron usually refers to grey cast iron. It tends to be brittle and hard on surface because of high carbon content (about 3% whereas 0.15% in wrought iron). Cast iron is made by remelting pig iron, often along with substantial quantities of scrap iron and scrap steel. After melting is complete, the molten iron is poured into shaping moulds. So once moulds is ready, mass production is possible.
Q3: What is the main difference between wrought iron and cast iron?
A3: The difference in quality and value is enormous although there is no visible difference to the naked eyes. Wrought iron is soft to forge or bend or weld, whereas cast iron is not. Cast iron is more fragile and easy to break, whereas wrought iron will bent rather than break. Besides, wrought iron can be welded and galvanized very easily, whereas cast iron cannot.
Q4: How is wrought iron product made in Luyi Forge?
A4:Normally we start from round iron bar cut to correct length, heat them in the oven until red colour. And then our blacksmith forge the red and soft iron to different shapes, sometimes with the help of simple die. So in Luyi Forge, experienced blacksmith is our most precious property, and our quality mainly rely on their craftmanship.
Q5: How are your products packed? Are they painted?
A5: We pack small items into cartons of about 22kg each, then 48 cartons on one pallet (or case). So the weight of each pallet (or case) is about 1000kgs. All our products are not painted because end-users will need to weld or work on them again to make finished gates or fences etc.
Q6: Are your sizes accurate?
A6: Since many of our wrought iron components are hand forged, all our sizes in the catalogue are just for your reference, there might be slight difference from piece to piece. If you need one item truly sized, please let us know, we can cut them to your accurate sizes at your charge.
Q7: Does LuyiForge have minimum quantity requirement?
A7:Yes, our minimum quantity is one full container with mixed items. In one container, we can ship about 22 tons (22 pallets or cases).
Q8: Does LuyiForge sell to the public? How can I find local distributors?
A8: LuyiForge sells almost entirely distribution. If you need to find local distributors, please send one email to us with your name and address. We will inform you the nearest distributor to you.
Q9: Can I become LuyiForge wrought iron distributor?
A9: We have distributors in about 50 countries, some are exclusive ones. So please download the distributing application form from our website, fill it up and send back to us through email. We will inform you the possibility within one week.
Q10: Can you produce custom made wrought iron products, such as wrought iron gate, wrought iron door, or wrought iron fence , etc?
A10: LuyiForge is the largest wrought iron producer in China. Besides of products on our catalogue, we can produce many other custom made wrought iron products according to our customers’ designs. So please send us your designs or samples and your reference quantity, so that we can evaluate the possibility to produce it here.
Q11: Can you protect customer’s special designs?
A11: If you need us to protect your special designs, please let us know in advance。 We have about 2000 special wrought iron designs which are not shown on our catalogue because we promise to give our customers speical protection。
Q12: Do you sell your products in China?
A12: LuyiForge is the largest wrought iron exporter in China。 We are not selling inside China because our designs are of Italian wrought iron style。 Besides, we prefer to export our wrought iron products directly instead of through exporting company in China。
Q13: Brief introduction in Spanish?
A13: Estamos el mayor productor y exportador de hierro forjado en China. Podemos suministrar amplia gama de componentes en hierro forjado para puertas, cancelas, escaleras, balcones etc. Ahora estamos exportando a más de 50 países en el mundo, y estamos buscando distrubutors en todos los países y zonas. Estamos buscando más distribuidores de hierro forjado en más países.
Q14: Brief introduction in Italian?
A14: Siamo il più grande produttore ed esportatore di ferro battuto in Cina. Siamo in grado di fornire un'ampia gamma di componenti in ferro battuto per cancello, ringhiere, scale, balconi ecc. Ora siamo esportatori di più di 50 paesi nel mondo, e che stiamo cercando distrubutors in più paesi.
Q15: Brief introduction in French?
A15: Nous sommes le plus grand producteur et exportateur de fer forgé en Chine。 Nous pouvons fournir un large éventail de fer forgé, portails, rampes, escaliers, balcons, etc。 Nous sommes maintenant l'exportation de plus de 50 pays dans le monde entier, et nous essayons distrubutors dans la plupart des pays。



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